Thursday, August 2, 2012


SIGUR RÓS - INNI from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

I've been reminiscing about school and my friends from Savannah a lot lately. It's a crazy, drastic change coming from an artistic environment that you lived in for a good 9 months to your small town which you have to survive the everyday routine nonsense of for three long months. It's a great break from late nights at the studio slaving away on final projects, but its so easy to miss the constant flow of work and various weekend shenanigans.

Listening to Sigur Ros always flashes me back to second quarter- back from one month of vacation, catching up with friends from the previous quarter.. basically a time when things were so blissful and stress free.

I saw Inni with a few of my close friends at this independent film theater near my dorm back in January and fell in love with Sigur Ros shortly after. I love everything about the way this film was put together. The use of the black and white filter helps focus the viewer's attention on the sound rather than details (although there were a few great shots that focused on the costumes worn by the group that could be extremely inspiring for future projects). It really gives the viewer a good idea on how much emotion could go into a song and, although the lyrics are all Icelandic and extremely foreign to me, its fun to imagine what they could be talking about through the emotion in the instruments and Jonsi's voice (who also has some awesome singles that DEFINITELY deserve more attention).

Mens rowing is on now, aka time to droll at my television screen ;)


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