Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Staycation

During my much anticipated spring break, a time to spend reflecting and relaxing, I took a few day trips with friends to nearby cities and destinations around Savannah, Georgia. I love traveling to new cities only to be completely disoriented. The adventure of being a rookie to a place is exciting, especially after knowing you've conquered finding places that you can relate to. 

Charleston is a magical city coated in pastel colors from a dream. Everyone casually strolling down King Street were dressed in southern proper attire - clean cut shirts of plaid, khakis, sun dresses and sandals to compliment the comfortable 75º weather.

Charleston can be compared to Savannah as it's little sister. Sharing the same bridge design and ability to draw in interesting people craving the same rustic scenes and styles, Savannah and Charleston are incredibly similar in styles. The personality of the city can be found in the window displays lining the streets designed by the city's inhabitants. Quirky, quaint, and kind.

Spring break is officially over as of 12am. Cheers to a new quarter.


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